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Maty Paper Collage Art

Discover Maty's collages, a Parisian artist. Inspired by images that bombards us every day, her surrealists artworks mix different kind of universes that you can discover now in her first collection, Season 1.

Maty Ndiaye Alisevich


With several years of hindsight, I realized that the inspirations that have always animated me were not only outdated but are now welcomed by my mind as being necessary to my evolution and my personal development.

This is why I decided to give up to my reasonable life as a personal assistant which I led for nine years, to finally, before it was too late, be free. I mean a creative freedom that I am happy to share today with you. Here I am, Maty, 33 years old, Visual artist, I realize collages on canvas, but not only.

The starting point of the artistic technique which is the collage, is the deconstruction.

This method is a disproportionate means of expression to recreate a universe thanks to the sets of cuts and superimposing of the illustrations, the photographs and colored papers. The images which bombard us every day are an extraordinary source of inspiration for a thoughtful, dreamy and appreciative person like I am. Thus, the process of decomposition and association of images permit me to live my creative dream. I've always been inspired by the Dada movement*, often qualified of anti-art, but full of emotion, abstraction and surrealism. The beautiful chaos of Dadaism resonates with me like a mighty and disorderly symphony. 
I also love all the feminist spirit that emanates from the punk universe of the artist Linder Sterling.

As a mixed woman, the notions of mixture and body resulting from differences, are phenomenons that developed me. This is why, I have the pleasure to present you my compositions today, which I hope, will please you.

See you soon,


Dada: intellectual movement, literary and artistic characterised by a questioning of all the conventions and the ideological, aesthetic and political constraints.
(Source Wikipedia).